You may have noticed these badges pop up next to each food item in the ZOE database. But what do they mean, and how can you use them to guide your food choices?

Nutritional data & scores verified by ZOE

The nutritional information for these items is verified by ZOE, taken directly from the verified food composition databases (like the USDA FoodData Central database). This means that we have very high confidence in the nutrition information and scores associated with these items.

Nutritional data & scores partially verified by ZOE

The scores and nutrition data for these items are partially verified by ZOE, which means that we are reasonably confident in the nutrition information and scores associated with these items. Although their information is not taken directly from the USDA database, our team of registered dieticians and nutritionists have linked them to USDA items with very similar nutritional information and composition. Most foods that you'll find in this category are simple food items and branded items (e.g. Kroger Chopped Broccoli, Coles Soy Milk, Trader Joe's Asparagus). Over the next few weeks, we will focus on adding more complex food items to this category.

Nutritional data & scores not verified by ZOE

We're less confident in the nutritional information and scores for these items, which is why they are not yet verified by ZOE. The main reason for this is that they contain several different ingredients and foods, but are eaten as a single food/meal.

Items in this category include those where the quantities of each item may not be standardized or where it becomes more difficult to understand the impact of eating multiple items as part of a larger meal.

For example:

  • Salad kits (e.g. Kroger Chef Salad Kit)

  • Protein packs (e.g. My Fit Foods Protein Pack)

  • Complex ready meals (e.g. Pad Thai)

  • Restaurant salads (e.g. Cobb salad)

This work is ongoing, which means that over time there will be more and more items with ZOE scores that you can feel very confident in. Meanwhile, please use the score confidence badges to help guide your food choices and try to find similar verified and trusted items wherever possible, rather than those we are less confident in.

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