This is not a calorie-counting program.

When it comes to eating well for your body, focusing only on counting calories is flawed for quite a few reasons. For instance (as you might have seen while you were experimenting with different foods), two foods may have had similar calorie counts, but result in completely different biological responses.

Not only that, but your biological responses are unique to you - everyone is different. Your own biological responses may impact how hungry you feel, your ability to sustain your energy levels throughout the day, and therefore, may even influence your subsequent food choices. Calories also tell you nothing about the quality of a food or its ability to nourish your body. This is why we are taking a different approach.

Feed your biology - let it do the work

Our approach is to go right to the root cause. We start by feeding your body with the right foods for you and allowing your biology to do all the work. Nourishing your body with the right foods for you can have profound effects – fending off tiredness, feeling fuller for longer, and even what or how much you choose to eat at your next meal. Setting up the right internal environment in your body can, over time, help you improve your long-term health and be your healthiest weight.

So, rather than focusing on the external cue of calories, we encourage you to discover and learn all the foods that are best for your body. Start to tune into how these affect your biology. Your biggest clues here are your hunger, energy, and bowel habits!

So, how much should I eat?

As this is not a calorie-controlled meal plan, we don't prescribe you with a target calorie range or specific portions. However, your food scores will help guide you on the proportion of your overall diet that a given food should make up.

In later weeks when you begin to focus on food combinations, you will be able to use the app to adjust quantities and proportions of different foods, including lower-scoring ones, to still achieve a high-scoring meal overall.

Though we have provided ingredient amounts in our meal suggestions, please note that these are suggestions and not prescriptive servings. Only you can determine the right amount of food to satisfy your needs and unique body. We encourage you to start with portions of your high-scoring foods that seem appropriate to you and let your biological signals guide you.

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