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The ZOE scores and personalization
There's more to health than just weight.
There's more to health than just weight.

How to shift your mindset to the process rather than just the number on the scale.

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Sustainability is key

Lots of programs promise major changes in weight by overly restricting calories. Extreme, fast results with big promises oftentimes are short-lived and can lead to the 'yo-yo' effect, where any weight lost is regained fairly quickly between diets.

This is why the ZOE Method is built to help you master learning the foods that best support your biology, so that you can incorporate them into your life in a sustainable way. Over the 4 weeks, you'll have learned and discovered how to eat your favorite foods and food combinations, while getting your biology on your side.

Progress can be measured in many ways

We know that when it comes to making changes to your lifestyle, celebrating successes is a huge motivator. Even if your goal is to lose weight, we encourage you to look beyond the scales.

Think about all the markers of your health and biology that you have started to reflect on since you started.

  • How have your energy levels throughout the day changed?

  • Have you stopped experiencing an afternoon slump?

  • Are you feeling less hungry?

  • Have you found delicious foods that keep you satiated?

  • Do you feel more confident in your food choices?

  • Are you approaching food with greater ease?

  • Are you nourishing your gut microbiome by eating more plants than you were before?

  • Have your bowel habits changed?

  • Are you generally just feeling better?

These are all major wins to enjoy and celebrate!

Well done for coming this far. You're finding foods that are nourishing for you that help you feel satisfied and energized rather than deprived. Eating in the right way for your biology can have huge benefits to your long term health! Remember that all foods have a place in a well-balanced and healthy diet.

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