We've created a formula to help you build sweet meals. The quantities listed are just suggestions to help guide you. You are welcome to find your own proportions using the ZOE Insights app.

Yogurt - an example of a 50+ scoring protein.

1. Select a protein

e.g. Yogurt
Quantity: About 1 cup

Pecan nuts - an example of a 75+ scoring fat.

2. Add fat

e.g. Nut butter, nuts, seeds

Quantity: 1-2 Tbsp

Frozen blackberries - an example of a 75+ scoring fruit.

3. Add fruit

Fresh or frozen are both fine.
Quantity: As desired

Pineapple, dark chocolate or honey - example flavor boosters.

4. Add flavor boosters

Tropical fruit (About 1 Cup)

Dark chocolate (1 Oz)

Honey or agave (1-2 Tbsp)

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