How do I get a 75+ ZOE Score?
We share our two go-to methods for achieving this week's 75+ goal.
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This week your goal is to try to achieve a 75+ ZOE Score as you learn how to balance your choices throughout the day. This is where the fun begins! You mastered how to combine foods to achieve 75+ meals, and now it's time to learn to combine meals throughout your day.

How to get a ZOE Score of 75+

Achieving a ZOE Score of 75+ comes down to the right mix of healthy fats, high-quality carbohydrates, protein, low sugar, and high fiber. The best part about this is that once you find your favorite meal hacks, there is no reason to spend endless hours tracking! We suggest using one of two methods to get a ZOE Score of 75+: the simple math method, and the planner method.

Simple math method

If you stick to all 75+ scoring meals and snacks you will likely end your day with a 75+ ZOE Score. Yes, for all you scientists out there, our day calculations are more complicated than this. For example, we take into account your cumulative fat consumed and the time-frame within which you consume fats, so it is possible to end with a lower ZOE Score if all your meals have a higher fat content or high-fat meals are eaten close together. But, don’t get stuck in the weeds! This method can be a great place to start as you learn how to build 75+ scoring meals using the ZOE Insights app as a guide.

The planner method

This method is great to use as you start experimenting with more flexibility. You don’t always need to combine foods to make every meal score 75 or higher. You can end up with a 75 ZOE Score even if you eat a meal that scores less than 75 by balancing out your meals throughout the day. For example, you might be going out to dinner with friends and may want to have a glass of wine and dessert, but that doesn't need to derail your goal of achieving a 75+ ZOE Score. Just try to balance things out by choosing meals that score really well for you throughout the rest of the day.

So which of the two methods will you try?

Think about which one works best for you on weekdays or weekends. And remember, if you reach the end of the day and haven't achieved this goal, don't let it get you down! Tomorrow is a new day. Instead, use the ZOE Insights app to understand what could have been done differently and use those learnings to guide you in future. If you need any help with that, reach out to us in the chat and we can work out a game plan for you together.

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