What is the ZOE Score?

The ZOE Score indicates how well you've been eating throughout the day. As soon as you start adding meals or snacks to your journal, you will get a ZOE Score.

It takes into account the following factors:

How to use the ZOE Score

Your goal should be to get a 75+ ZOE score on most days. ZOE means ‘life’! We believe that you should live your life and not fixate on food every day or count calories.

Having a ZOE Score above 75 most days means that you are eating well for your unique body and gut.

Hitting that target most days can help you:

  • lose weight sustainably

  • improve your gut health

  • reduce inflammation

  • reduce cravings

The ZOE Score is also a great way to balance low scoring treats which we all enjoy once in a while. Try to find other meals that compliment it and get your ZOE Score back on track.

How to get a ZOE Score of 75+

It comes down to the right mix of protein, healthy fats, low sugar, and high fiber. There are two ways to get a ZOE Score of 75+:

1. Simple math method: All green all day. 75 + 75 + 75 = 75

If you stick to all 75 scoring meals and snacks you will likely end your day with a 75 ZOE Score.

Yes, for all you scientists out there, our day calculations are more complicated than this. For example, we take into account your cumulative fat consumed, so it is possible to end with a lower ZOE Score if all your meals have a higher fat content.

But, don’t get stuck in the weeds! Start learning how to build 75+ scoring meals in your app today.

2. The planner method: Mix & balance

You don’t always need to combine foods and make every meal score 75 or higher. You can end up with a 75 ZOE Score if you save and plan for specific treats.

Here is a day from Catherine’s log. She chose to have a glass of wine with dinner and a piece of chocolate in the evening. Notice how she balanced it out with healthy meals throughout the day

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