We encourage you to log your typical diet for at least three days during your ZOE test. This will form part of your diet assessment, which we'll use to generate your personalized diet feedback and recommendations when your results are ready.

We encourage you to do your best when it comes to logging your meals accurately. We care most about:

  • What you eat: Scanning the barcode or searching for an item to record in the app means we can understand the exact ingredients you’ve eaten. If you're preparing a homemade meal from scratch, you'll need to enter each ingredient individually.

  • How much you eat: Weighing your food will provide the most accurate results as we can see how much of each item you have eaten. But we get it — logging meals can be time-consuming. So feel free to estimate quantities if you want to.

  • When you eat: By logging your meals and snacks at the exact times that you had them, we can learn about your dietary pattern and match these to the data readings from your blood sugar sensor (if you’re wearing one).

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