Congratulations, you've mastered the ZOE Method!

You've made amazing strides in learning how to eat for your biology. 12 weeks is a great start, but real change takes time. On average, it takes 66 days for new habits to become automatic. So let's keep it going, focusing on life-long health and balancing all types of foods!

Going forward, try to get a 75+ ZOE Score most days.

Keep using the ZOE app to sustain the progress you've made and really see the benefits build up. ZOE members who continue tracking tend to see better success. But if tracking your meals isn't your thing then don't put pressure on yourself.

You could journal for the first week of each month, a few days each week, or find another rhythm that works for you. Perhaps you're done with logging and you feel you can carry your insights forward with you.

Remember, not every day will be a 75+ scoring day, and that is okay! You will have some ok good days and you will have some better days — everyone does. The important thing is to keep going anyway and not get discouraged.

As you continue on this journey, remember:

  • Keep your ultimate "Why" top of mind to keep you motivated in the long run. Write it down and keep it somewhere you will see it often.

  • You can't fail at this! Each "slip-up" is an opportunity to learn something new.

  • Reflecting on your biology is a powerful way to connect your food choices to how your body feels. Keep up the habit!

  • Health is holistic — food is important, but movement, sleep, stress, emotions, and mindfulness all play a role in your wellbeing too.

  • Celebrate your wins – no matter how big or small – along the way.

If you ever have a moment when you are struggling, drop us a message in the chat, and let's see how we can move forward together.

You've got this! 🍀

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