Can you believe it's already Week 9 of your ZOE Program?

Over the last eight weeks, you've learned your go-to strategies for building meals that your body loves and might be feeling pretty confident about what works for you. Let's make sure you don't get stuck in a rut. Remember, you've got a lot of different bugs in your gut, and they can be a little bit picky.

What's the deal with diversity?

Different gut microbes thrive on different types of plants. The higher the number of different plant-based foods you eat, the more diverse your gut bacteria will typically be. This diversity is linked to better gut and overall health, including better heart, skin, and brain health.

A diverse gut microbiome is also more resilient against insults like antibiotics, lifestyle stressors, or infection. This is because different gut microbes each play a unique role in protecting your body by:

  • Training your immune cells

  • Strengthening your gut barrier

  • Fighting off harmful microbes

Eat the rainbow

By including a wider variety of minimally processed plants in your diet, you'll give the good bugs in your gut plenty of foods to choose from. One way to make sure you’re getting a variety of plants on a daily basis is to eat plants of all different colors each day. We'll teach you a number of go-to strategies over the next two weeks that will help make diversifying your diet even easier.

Your goals for weeks 9 & 10

Over the next couple of weeks, we want to make sure you're feeling confident about your food choices for the journey ahead. It's important that you're feeling good about how to keep things interesting, both for your taste buds and your bugs.

That's why over the next two weeks, you'll focus on:

  1. Eating to a 70+ ZOE Score on most days

  2. Expanding your diet with a wider range of gut-boosting foods

  3. Learning more about emotional eating and building your self-care toolkit

Up next: Weeks 11 & 12 – Master Your Biology Cues

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