Congratulations! You're ready for weeks 7 and 8 of your ZOE Program.

You're never dining alone thanks to the trillions of microbes in your gut. So during these weeks, we'll pay extra special attention to feeding your gut bugs the foods they love.

That's why you'll work up towards hitting a 65+ ZOE Score over the next two weeks and add in more of your personalized Gut Boosters. We'll also touch on the science of stress and introduce you to relaxation practices that you can easily incorporate into your life.

What makes Gut Boosters so special?

Your personalized Gut Boosters have been specifically selected to help you boost the growth of beneficial bacteria that your gut lacks. Our research has linked these "good" bacteria to better metabolic health! As you eat more of these foods that “good” bugs love, you’re more likely to encourage them to settle down and thrive in your gut.

What about Gut Suppressors?

On the other hand, gut suppressing foods are associated with "bad" bugs that are linked to poor metabolic health. Your personalized Gut Suppressors are associated with "bad" bugs that are more abundant in your gut. Keeping these foods that feed bad bugs to a minimum, and focusing on feeding the good ones, can help to improve your gut health.

Your goals for weeks 7 & 8

Over the next two weeks, you'll focus on:

1. Get a 65+ ZOE Score on most days

2. Feeding your gut with more personalized Gut Boosters

3. Taking time out to de-stress

You'll continue to build on all of the learnings from earlier in your program, and give extra special attention to feeding the "good" bugs in your gut. Pay attention to how your hunger, energy levels, bowel habits, weight, and overall well-being change for the better as you do these things.

Up next: Weeks 9 & 10 – Expand Your Diet

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