There's a place for all foods in a diet that's great for your metabolism and gut health.

That's why during weeks 5 & 6 of your program, you'll learn to balance out your choices throughout the day. You can now aim to get a 60+ ZOE Score, as opposed to just 60+ meals.

This means you'll likely start having more meals scoring less than 60 compared to last week. In fact — we positively encourage it! Balancing out your choices means enjoying all the foods you love, without feeling restricted. Over the next two weeks you'll also learn how to harness the power of sleep so that you can rest better each night.

Let's look at some ways you'll learn to find this balance.

How to get a ZOE Score of 60+

It comes down to the right mix of protein, healthy fats, low sugar, and high-fiber foods. The lucky part of ZOE is that once you find your favorite meal hacks, there is no reason to track!

Simple math method 60 + 60 + 60 = 60

If you stick to all 60+ scoring meals and snacks, you'll likely end your day with a 60+ ZOE Score. Yes, for all you scientists out there, our day calculations are more complicated than this.

For example, we take into account your cumulative fat consumed, so it is possible to end with a lower ZOE Score if all your meals have a higher fat content or high-fat meals are eaten close together. But, don’t get stuck in the weeds! The simple math method is a great place to start as you learn how to build 60+ scoring meals using your ZOE app as a guide.

The planner method

This method is great to use as you start experimenting with more flexibility as you don’t need to make every meal score 60+. You can end up with a 60+ ZOE Score even if you eat a meal that scores less than 60 by balancing out your meals throughout the day.

Above you can see a day from one of our members, Catherine’s log. She chose to have lower-scoring meals in the evening. Notice how she balanced it out with healthy meals earlier in the day.

Now that we've learned the two ways to achieve a 60+ ZOE Score, let's put it into practice with goals this week.

Timing your fats matters

Your ZOE Scores account for how much fat you eat within a 6-8 hour time frame. Because of that 6-8 hour fat clearance window, your ZOE Score will go down if you stack higher-fat meals on top of each other. Your app will factor this into your ZOE Scores, and you'll receive an alert whenever you're about to go over your unique fat threshold. It’s a great way to learn how to sequence your meals and get the most from your food.

Your goals for weeks 5 & 6

1. Balance your days to hit a 60+ ZOE Score

Your daily lessons are designed to help you find ways to make hitting that ZOE Score target of 60+ really easy. We'll introduce you to a bunch of strategies to try out and learn from as you work towards your goals.

2. Harness the power of sleep

Every living organism on the planet needs sleep. When it comes to your health and well-being, getting enough, good quality sleep is vital. Over the next two weeks, you'll learn about the importance of sleep quality, how much sleep to aim for each night, and the small steps you can take to get a better night's sleep.

3. Notice your biology changing

As you balance out your days with meals your body loves, you'll continue to develop a deeper intuitive awareness of the foods that flatten your blood sugar curve, keep your blood fat levels in check, and nourish your gut microbes. And you'll feel the difference!

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