This is where the real fun begins!

We asked you to focus on foods that score 50+ during the first two weeks of your program, and now it's time to pair them with other foods. There's a reason we never ask you to cut out any foods. That's because, with ZOE, we know you can make any food work for you.

Over the next two weeks, your mission is to create meals scoring 60+, which can be done by incorporating foods scoring less than 50 as well if you'd like! You'll begin to notice how certain combinations can help you feel satisfied and sustain your energy levels.

We'll also introduce you to the science of exercise and how to incorporate joyful movement into your daily life for maximum benefit to your metabolism, gut bugs, and overall wellbeing!

What does combining foods do to my body?

Research shows that food combinations are powerful. The right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber from the right foods for you can have huge effects on your metabolic responses. Take a look at the example below, where adding fats can help stabilize blood sugar levels. The right food combination can even affect your hunger and energy levels, helping you feel more satisfied and fending off fatigue.

The power of combining foods

Remember this chart from our introduction to food scores? Now you can create meals in your ZOE app and explore how to boost your scores. Consider how you combine fats with carbs, as well as their quality and quantity.

Your goals for weeks 3 & 4

1. Build meals that score 60+ for you

At first, this number may sound hard to achieve. But we'll introduce you to strategies that can help you boost any meal's score, including a few go-to hacks like food combinations, smart swaps, and add-ons.

2. Reflect on your biology

As you eat more 60+ scoring meals and reflect on your biology each day, you'll start noticing how certain food combinations can help you feel satisfied and sustain your energy levels. You'll start to build the connection between what you eat and how you feel, strengthening your interception "muscle" along the way.

3. Explore joyful movement

Including more movement in your day can have a profound impact on your energy levels, mood, and food choices. Being more active doesn't need to mean committing to a marathon or joining a daily spin class — simply sitting less and sneaking in small bouts of movement throughout your day is just as valuable!

💬 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in your in-app chat!

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