It’s time to put your biology to work.

During the first two weeks of your ZOE Program, you'll focus on finding great foods you love that'll form the core of your diet moving forward. Eat more 50+ foods and you should start to notice changes in your hunger, energy, and bowel movements.

Your goals for weeks 1 & 2

1. Eat as many 50+ foods as you can

Take this week to focus on eating more foods that score 50+. They are great for you and should form the backbone of your diet in the long term. Experiment with and incorporate as many new ones into your diet as you can. If you'd like an extra challenge and want to eat only foods that score 50+, you can go for it! You may see results quicker this way, but remember it's not a sprint but a marathon.

2. Experiment with your personalized Gut Boosters

Your list of personalized Gut Boosters has been specifically selected to help you boost the growth of beneficial bacteria that your gut lacks. As you eat more of these foods that “good” bugs love, you’re more likely to encourage them to settle down and thrive in your gut. You'll notice that most of your Boosters are colorful plants. There's a good reason for this: "good" gut bugs love to munch on the fiber and polyphenols in these foods.

3. Listen to your body & avoid hunger

You’ll be making a lot of changes in the next few weeks. Being hungry shouldn’t be one of them! We're not about counting calories and the focus is on eating as many 50+ foods as you'd like. Listen to your hunger cues and stop when you're full. If that means the plate is clean, that's just as great! If you find eating smaller meals more frequently is in line with your hunger, then do that!

4. Give meal planning a try

Planning your plate ahead of time can be a game-changer on your ZOE Program. Meal planning empowers you by giving you the tools to feed yourself (and others you might live with) nourishing, home-cooked meals. You get to be in control of what you’re eating, instead of defaulting to fast food or the microwave each night. We'll work together to turn meal planning into a habit that works in your favor as you master the ZOE Method.

So, what can I eat?

Lots! There are thousands of 50+ foods and personalized Gut Boosters that you're bound to love. Your ZOE app lets you search for any food (including branded products), see your personalized score, and pick those that you enjoy eating. You'll find a comprehensive list of curated foods and meal ideas by selecting the search icon 🔍 in the bottom menu of the app.

So dive in, explore the endless options out there for you, and enjoy!

Up next: Weeks 3 & 4 – Master Food Combinations

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