It's the end of your first week already! Here’s what you need to do today...

1. Test your typical diet

Use the app to log your typical breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and any drinks besides plain still water, black coffee or black tea. Use the reader (or LibreLink app if you have it) to observe your blood sugar responses to your usual diet.

2. Browse our Library of Experiments

We have a whole library of over 50 experiments to help you learn about your blood sugar responses. You can check them our here and do them whenever you like.

3. Complete your ZOE Test early (optional)

You may choose to end your ZOE test here but we highly encourage you to continuing for another 7 days. We’ve prepared a series of experiments for the following days which will give you much richer insights on your blood sugar control. You’ll also be contributing to vital scientific research on emerging hypotheses.

If you would like to stop testing early then just let the us know via the in-app chat.

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