Now we’re getting into it. Here’s what you need to do today...

1. Do your gut health test

At any time today or tomorrow, you’ll need to collect your poop sample so that we can understand the bacteria in your gut and how it links to your nutrition and health. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the ZOE app to collect your sample.

2. Mail your poop sample to the lab

Just pop it in the prepaid return box labelled “Gut health test return box” to send via US Postal Service (USPS). You don’t need to do this immediately but the sooner we get your sample the sooner we can give you your gut health results.

3. Take Day 3 muffins out of the freezer this evening

So they're ready for you tomorrow. Just leave them in the refrigerator overnight to defrost.

4. Do not eat or drink overnight

For at least eight hours before you eat your muffins tomorrow morning, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything other than plain still water, black coffee or tea. So if you plan to have your muffins at 8am for example, you should finish eating/drinking no later than midnight.

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