Please note: It is possible that some of your finger prick blood test results may be above or below what is considered a normal value.

If a lab value does come back outside of certain ranges (glucose less than 60 mg/dL or greater than 400 mg/dL, triglycerides greater than 500 mg/dL, and/or HbA1c greater than 10%), you will be notified of this via a phone call coordinated by the lab that processes your blood tests (Quest Diagnostics). The call will come from PWN Health.

ZOE will also send you an email notifying you of the result so that you can bring this information to your doctor. This email will likely come some time after the phone call.

ZOE is a nutritional science company. We are not able to diagnose any medical conditions or advise on what this means for your healthcare, so please talk to your doctor if any values are out of range.

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