Congratulations, you’ve finished your 4-week plan. You've made an amazing step forward in learning how to eat for your biology!

However, this is not the end. You should keep using ZOE Insights app to sustain the progress you've made and really see the benefits. While 4-weeks is a great start, on average it takes 66 days for new habits to become automatic. So stick with it.

Going forward you should try to get a 75+ Day Score most days.

Fast fad diets inevitably end up in failure and exhaustion. We believe in a sustainable long-term change that leads to compound improvements in your health, wellbeing, energy levels and weight.

Remember, slip-ups will happen - because life happens! You will have good days and you will have some bad days, everyone does - the important thing is to keep going anyway and not get discouraged.

If you have a moment when you are struggling – drop us a message in the chat and let's see how we can move forward together.

Good luck! 🍀

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