Congratulations! You're now ready for Week 4!

Your objective now is to continue practicing eating to a 75+ ZOE Score during week 4 and add your personalized gut boosters.

You'll do this by incorporating your personalized gut boosters included in your Insights report. Gut boosting foods are associated with beneficial gut bacteria. These bacteria are linked to better metabolic health! The gut boosters we've selected for you are specifically associated with the good bugs that your gut lacks.

On the other hand, gut suppressing foods are associated with the bad bugs, and they're linked to poor metabolic health. The ones shown in your report are associated with the bad bugs that are in a little more abundance in your gut. Keeping the foods that feed the bad bugs to a minimum, and focusing on feeding the good ones, can help to improve your gut health, and balance of good bugs to bad bugs. It can even potentially have an effect on your metabolism!

So, this week keep your bugs front of mind when you’re deciding what to eat, while continuing to enjoy and balance out your food choices.

Goals for week 4:

1. Get 75+ ZOE Scores most days

Just like last week – try to balance your meal scores to get a 75+ ZOE Score.

2. Include your gut boosters

Your boosters have been specifically selected for you based on your ZOE Microbiome Health Index.

3. Minimize your gut suppressors

Keep an eye out for your gut suppressors which are associated with ‘bad bugs’.

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