During week 3 you’re headed for even more flexibility. You should aim to get a day score above 75.

That means you can have some meals that scores less than 75. In fact - we positively encourage it! One 'bad' meal won't ruin your health. Just as one 'good' meal won't solve it.

Research has shown that restrictive diets are unsustainable and often lead to yo-yo dieting. This can cause weight cycling which can have a negative impact on your metabolism if repeated often.

So learning to balance treats alongside a healthy core diet is vital.

Goals for week 3:

1. Try the planner method

For at least one day, try to balance a lower scoring meal with other higher-scoring meals during the day. See 'the planner method' below.

2. Treating's not cheating

Be sure to treat yourself on this plan. Learn how to balance out a food you enjoy with other healthy meals.

3. Improve the score of one of your favorite meals

Adding fiber to your meals is important for your gut health. Take one meal and look for ways to add veggies, beans, nuts, or seeds.

Timing matters

It not only matters what you eat, but when you eat too. Because of that 6-hour fat clearance window, your day score will go down if you stack higher fat meals on top of each other. Similarly, it is best to give your blood sugar breaks between meals so that your blood sugar can return to a resting level. The ZOE Insights app will factor this into your day scores. It’s a great way to learn how to sequence your meals and get the most from your food.

How to get a day score of 75+

How to get a day score of 75? It comes down to the right mix of protein, healthy fats, low sugar, and high fiber. The lucky part of ZOE is that once you find your favorite meal hacks, there is no reason to track!

Simple math method 75 + 75 + 75 = 75

If you stick to all 75 scoring meals and snacks you will likely end your day with a 75 day score. Yes, for all you scientists out there, our day calculations are more complicated than this. For example, we take into account your cumulative fat consumed, so it is possible to end with a lower day score if all your meals have a higher fat content. But, don’t get stuck in the weeds! Start learning how to build 75+ scoring meals yourself.

The planner method

You don’t always need to combine foods and make every meal score 75 or higher. You can end up with a day score over 75 if you save and plan for specific treats. Here is a day from Catherine’s log. She chose to have a glass of wine with dinner and a piece of chocolate in the evening. Notice how she balanced it out with healthy meals earlier in the day

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