This is when the fun begins! While we asked you to focus exclusively on foods that score 50 or more for week 1 – now you can start to include other items.

During week 2 your mission is to create meals scoring above 75. So, you may now incorporate lower scoring ingredients to learn the power of combining foods.

At first, this may sound more restrictive, but hold tight while we talk about the power of combining foods to increase the scores of your meals.

Goals for week 2

1. Master a meal swap

Take two of your regular or favorite meals and create a set of swaps to improve its score until it has a score of 75 or more.

2. Build a new go-to snack

Find a snack that you enjoy and has a meal score of 75 or more. It is helpful to have these in your back, literally!

3. Create a new breakfast

Breakfast is usually a habitual meal. Test out one new breakfast that scores 75+ and works for your lifestyle.

What does combining foods do to your body?

Our research shows that food combinations are powerful. Adding a protein or healthy fat to a more carb-focused meal can dramatically improve your body’s response.

The power of combining foods

Remember this chart from our introduction to food scores? Now you can create meals in your ZOE Insights app and explore how to boost your scores. Consider how you combine fats to carbs, as well as their quality and quantity.

How to build a great 75+ sweet meal

Some sweet fan favorites…

How to build a great 75+ savory meal

How to build a great 75+ savory meal

Up next: Week 3 - Eat for real life

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