Showering and other water-based activities

It’s absolutely fine to shower while wearing the blood sugar sensor. A little bit of rain isn’t going to harm it either.

What you need to avoid is submerging the sensor underwater for over 30 minutes as this could break or deactivate it. For this reason, don’t go swimming or use saunas, steam rooms, etc, until you have completed the test.

Knocks and bumps

Please be considerate of your sensor while it’s on your arm. If you hit it around, it could be bumped out of place which could ruin the results of the test. In particular, try to take care when walking through doorways and crowded places, and while changing clothes or carrying backpacks.

What to do if your sensor is coming off

Please let us know so that we can send you a new one. You’ll need to pause your ZOE test tasks until the new one is in place as it needs to collect data before, during and after those tasks to give us the results we’re looking for.

If you have the sensor with the provided hand-held reader, then you’ll need to return both to us at the end of the study. That type of sensor contains much of the data from your test, so please take care of it and don’t throw it away.

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