Taking probiotics or antibiotics
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It's advisable to pause any probiotic supplements at least 2 weeks prior to taking the gut health test. This ensures an accurate representation of your gut profile without any external influence from the probiotics.


Antibiotics can alter the landscape of your gut microbiome. If you are in the midst of a course of antibiotics, you have two options for proceeding with your ZOE test:

  1. Wait and Reassess: Give yourself three months after finishing the antibiotics before starting the test. This allows your gut time to return to its normal state, ensuring an authentic snapshot of your usual gut profile.

  2. Test and Learn: Take the test while on antibiotics to explore how your gut profile adapts to the medication. This may offer a unique perspective on how your body reacts to these treatments.

Whatever path you choose is perfectly acceptable. If you'd like personalized guidance or have any questions, don't hesitate to connect with us through the chat feature in the app.

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