What's included in the poop collection kit:

  • A flushable poop collection paper seat.

  • A pair of disposable gloves.

  • A liquid-containing tube, with a scoop for collection.

  • A plastic case to transport the sample when you mail it.

  • A returns box with a prepaid mailing label.

Step 1: Attach the paper seat to your toilet

Unfold the paper seat and peel the lining from the back side of the double-sided tape.

*The plastic peeled from the double-sided tape cannot be flushed!

Place the sheet onto the backside of the toilet seat or the bowl.

Step 2: Collect the poop sample

Unscrew the poop collection tube and use the scoop to collect one pea-sized amount of stool (or four scoops if it is a liquid stool). Collect your sample from the middle of your poop.

Don’t spill the liquid.

Try not to spill any of the liquid from the collection tube. This is a preservative that keeps your poop safe. It’s ok if a little spills, as long as the poop is completely covered.

Why the middle?

Collecting from the middle of your poop means your sample will be less contaminated by other bodily fluids and we will be able to give you more accurate results.

Try not to put too much poop into this tube or the preservative will not work. One scoop is enough.

Screw the lid on the tube tightly to close it securely. Then, mix well by shaking thoroughly. Foaming or frothing during shaking is normal. Your sample may be difficult to mix completely—this is okay.

Step 3: Dispose of the paper seat

After collecting your sample, peel the tape slowly to ensure that no tape is left on the toilet bowl, then flush the paper seat.

Step 4: Store your stool sample until you're ready to return it

Place the sample tube in the protective clamshell casing and keep it at room temperature (away from direct sunlight) until you're ready to mail it back

Don’t freeze your sample.

Not only would that be a strange surprise for your household but it can reduce the quality of the poop and make it harder for us to get accurate results.

Step 5: Log the date and time of collection in the ZOE app

Tap on the ‘Do your gut health test’ task and type in the date and time you collected your sample.

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