To check the sensor is working, use your blood sugar reader to get a reading from it. You must have been wearing the sensor for at least 24 hours.

  • Hold down the green button on the front of the blood sugar reader until the screen turns on.

  • Click ‘Get Sensor Data’. If it says there is data to report, click 'Yes' to overwrite this data.

  • Hold the reader against your blood sugar sensor for a few seconds until it beeps.

  • Click 'View'. The reader screen should then show a graph.

  • If you get a screen that says 'To create reports...' you accidentally pressed 'Next' instead of 'View.' Press 'Back' then 'View.'

The graph that you see should look like a squiggly black or red line. It could be long or short, depending on when it started recording.

Please reach out to us via the chat function in the app if your reader gives an error message. Please do not remove or discard your sensor before consulting a ZOE support representative.

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