So that the blood sensor is fully activated by the time you eat your first muffin, you’ll need to apply it on the first day of your ZOE test.

Before you start

While the sensor is designed to let you apply it by yourself, it’s easier if you get someone to help you.

It’s usually best to use your non-dominant arm for this test. We recommend sitting down and resting your arm by your side with your hand on your lap.

Step 1

Select a spot on the fleshy part of the back of your upper arm.

Step 2

Clean the spot with the provided alcohol wipe and wait 30 seconds for it to dry.

Step 3

Open the yellow sensor box and peel the foil lid off the sensor pack.

Step 4

Unscrew the cap from the sensor applicator.

Step 5

Line up the dark marks on the sensor applicator with those on the sensor pack. On a hard surface, press down firmly in one motion on the sensor applicator until you hear a ‘click’ and it comes to a stop.

Step 6

Carefully lift the sensor applicator out of the sensor pack. Your applicator now contains the sensor and is ready to apply. Please take care as the sensor applicator now contains a filament.

Step 7

If someone is helping you put the sensor on, they should place the sensor applicator over the chosen site on the back of your upper arm while supporting your arm from the front. They must then push the sensor applicator down firmly to apply the sensor.

If you are applying the sensor yourself, raise your hand above your head while keeping your elbow bent at a 90 degree angle. With your other hand, push up on the applicator firmly against the back of your arm to apply the sensor.

Step 8

Now pull the applicator away gently and make sure the sensor is secure. Please dispose of the sensor applicator and pack in the trash.

Step 9

The sensor needs to be activated using the blood sugar reader. Hold down the green button on the front of the blood sugar reader until the screen turns on. Press ‘Start New Sensor’ and hold the blood sugar reader on top of your sugar sensor until it beeps.

The sensor should then activate within 2 minutes, as shown on the blood sugar reader.

If the blood sugar monitor says there is data to report, click 'Yes' to overwrite the data, then hold the monitor over the sugar sensor.

Step 10

While you are waiting, place the adhesive patch on top of your blood sugar sensor.

This patch is so sticky that once it’s on, you won’t be able to get it off without removing the blood sugar sensor along with it. So if possible, it’s a good idea to get someone to help you with this step to make sure it’s placed on properly.

Please note: We are now using a waterproof patch that looks like a bandage in place of the clear adhesive patch.

Step 11

When the 2 minutes are up, the reader will ask you to hold it over the sensor once more. Once you do this, your blood sugar sensor should activate.

The sensor works independently of the reader so you do not need to carry the reader with you, but can use it to check your blood sugar levels graph whenever you like.

Please note: You may notice the blood sugar reader is set in a different time zone. This is intentional’ please do not change this or any other settings on the reader.

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