Step 1: Add new meal

Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to add to your log. You’ll be able to choose food, drink, or exercise.

Step 2: Take a picture

Take a clear photo of your food or drink. If your food or drink is not ready yet, you can tap the 'skip' button and add a photo later. You can also copy from recent foods to log something that you've already logged before.

Step 3: Confirm time

Make a note of the time you started eating/drinking and the type of meal. If you’re still preparing your meal, you can go back later and change the time to match when you started eating.

Step 4: Add items or ingredients

Tap the "+Add items or ingredients" button and then choose your first item to record. You can do this by scanning the barcode on its packaging or searching for your item in the search bar. When you search, you will have the option of non-branded or branded items.

Step 5: Enter quantity

Tap on the item, you will be able to enter how much of that item you are having. If you have a kitchen scale available, place the ingredient on the scale and record the weight on the 'Enter quantity' page. Tap the unit and type in the quantity below. Tap the "Used a scale" option since you weighed your food. If you are unable to weigh the item, you can select the amount by portion but weighing is always recommended as it gives us more accurate results. Make sure to save the quantity.

Repeat this for all ingredients.

Step 6: Adjust Quantity and Save

If you are not eating the entire logged meal or food, you can tap "Adjust quantity" to indicate how much of the entire meal or how much of each food you ate. Save the eaten quantity, then tap on 'Save snack/meal' to log it. It will then show up in your daily log as a logged meal.

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